Improve comfort, reduce energy bills & cut your wasted home energy by up to 20%

If your windows, external doors or conservatory consist of single glazed or older double glazed units, replacement with energy efficient windows will save you money. It can cut the energy you need to heat or cool your home by up to 20%.

Double glazed units from different sources may look similar at a glance – but not all windows are the same. If windows and doors aren’t energy efficient they lose valuable, expensive heat. The insulation quality of the glass or profile used in conventional units can often be poor. In cold weather, heat energy escapes outside and is wasted.In warm weather, the sun’s heat travels through the window and frame making the room uncomfortable.

The British Fenestration Rating Council’s Domestic Window Energy Rating Scheme provides a way to compare the energy performance of windows on a ‘like for like’ basis. Windows that achieve a C rating or higher can carry the ‘Energy Saving Recommended’ tag.

All of our Energy Efficient windows achieve C rated or better energy efficiency. Decide what A, B or C rated performance you want; we’ll do the rest. Alternative method of compliance are ‘U’ values, all our windows will meet or exceed the minimum criteria of 1.6 For windows and 1.8 For doors.

Modern double glazing doesn’t just look good, it can save you money too. From styling to performance to saving energy, Duraflex advanced technologies are engineered to give you a comfortable, secure, quiet and energy efficient home.

Reduce wasted energy. Cut bills.
Choosing energy efficient windows, doors and conservatories to replace single glazed or older double glazed units saves energy from day one. In fact, replacing the windows alone could reduce your heating costs by up to 20% – perhaps worth up to £321 a year*.

Choose better looking frames.
Clear, uncluttered sightlines ensure windows look well proportioned, elegant and attractive. Features like our low sightline Q-lon weatherseal ensure performanceand style with savings.

Reduce condensation and noise.
Lowering heat loss at glass edges can cut window, external door and conservatory condensation by up to 80%. Glass units and our high performance Q-Lon gasket helps reduce noise pollution over a wider temperature range, too.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Cut CO2.
The more energy you use for heating, the more CO2 you create. That’s your ‘carbon footprint’. Fitting energy efficient windows could cut your CO2 production by as much as 1.65 tonnes.*

* Replacing single glazed aluminium windows with energy efficient ‘C’ rated double glazing in an average gas
heated bungalow/semi. GGF carbon calculator @ 2%

think Flexi Plan. Spread the cost over a desired term to have a smaller monthly payment Pay extra to reduce interest and term  without penalties You remain in control of the term & interest Low monthly interest rate

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