Heat pumps, keeping your home warm with the air around it

SMART Solar Hybrid lets you utilise solar power time-independently
by storing unused capacity, meaning you can still use solar energy during
the daytime, but also at any other time  – including at night.

Save money
on your power bills

SMART Solar Hyprid increasing the proportion of electricity
you use from your solar system from 30% to more than 70%.

Key Features

– Stored energy can be used in the case of power cuts.
– 70% Savings can be made
– Fully integrated system with on-board battery management.
– Use more of the energy you generate (minimum 80% self-use).
– Prioritise load and battery storage over export (‘self-use’ mode).
– Change the priorities to suit to your requirements via user-friendly control panel.
– High quality lithium batteries supplied as standard offering extended lifespan and deeper discharge levels.
– Easy to install (‘plug and play’).
– Will not affect your feed in tariff payments

A new generation of solar.

Smart Solar Hybrid is an intellegent, integrated system that manages the energy you generate effectively and efficiently.

SMART Solar Hybrid stores excess energy in a battery for later use. Only when your energy requirements are being met and the SMART Hybrid batteries are fully charged will energy be exported to the grid.

Monitor your system remotely

Every SMART Solar Hybrid system comes with WiFi built in, allowing your system to update operational data in real-time to the cloud.

By logging in with your registered account, you can monitor your system day & night from anywhere.

The best batteries on
the market today.

A solar battery storage system is only as good as the batteries it uses.
As Standard, SMART supply the very best Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
batteries available on the market today – offering a considerably longer
lifespan when compared to lead-acid alternatives.

Furthermore, the lithium battery bank is modular, and can be easily
expanded within minutes if additional capacity is needed.

think Flexi Plan. Spread the cost over a desired term to have a smaller monthly payment Pay extra to reduce interest and term  without penalties You remain in control of the term & interest Low monthly interest rate

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