Think Heat Controls - take charge of your heating, electricity and Solar from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone

The Room Sensor

This compact and stylish little sensor replaces your existing room thermostat and comes with advanced digital temperature sensing to intelligently self-adjust to your requirements.

The three push buttons standard settings (comfort, standby and away) can be pre-set from the web dashboard to match your needs – a 7 day program can be easily set to keep you in command of your heating and hot water.

Network Gateway

The Network Gateway connects to the internet via your home broadband router. You can then log in using any internet enabled device (such as a PC, Tablet, Smartphone, SmartTV) from anywhere in the world and access your heating controls.

Free iPhone & Android Smartphone apps are also available for your smartphone.

No subscription or ongoing costs for web services.

think Flexi Plan. Spread the cost over a desired term to have a smaller monthly payment Pay extra to reduce interest and term  without penalties You remain in control of the term & interest Low monthly interest rate

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